Escola Profissional de Alte is a school located in a rural area of The Algarve, belonging to the municipality of Loulé. Since 1992, vocational education has been dedicated to vocational education in the areas of tourism, trade and food processing and quality control. The main function of Alte’s vocational school is to educate and train young people about themselves, the culture and, potentialities of their territory and the world around them, in a participatory, innovative and flexible way, able to manage a personal and professional journey over life.

Economia & Ecologia is a company born in 1991 and operating in the fields of economic research and consultancy for the management and the interpretation of local resources.

Eco&Eco deals with environment from a number of differents points of view:

  • Local development, rural economics and sustainable tourism
  • Industrial economics, environmental technologies, innovation,waste management, climate change.
  • Political economy of environment, sustainable development, participation.
  • Edutation and training in the above mentioned issues.

Eco&Eco has a long experience both in educational and training field and in research projects addressing the topic of the rivers and landscape preservation.

I.E.S BOTANIC CAVANILLES it is an Institute of Secondary Education founded in 1952. It is located in La Vall d’Uixó, in the region of La Plana Baixa, in an economic environment dominated basically by the tile industry, and at the moment quite punished by the crisis.

It is imparted:

  • Compulsory Secondary Edutation
  • Bachillerato of Humanities and Social Sciences and Scientific-technological Baccalaureata diurnal and nocturnal
  • Basic Professional Training Courses of administrative services and electricity and electronics.
  • Training Grade Medium Administrative Management (day and night)
  • Higher Degree Training in Administration and Finance (day and night), Automation and Industrial Robotics and Automotive.

Instituto di Instruzione Superiore “Maria Montessori – Leonardo Da Vinci” is a Secondary School Centre with several areas of stydy such as Linguistic High School, Scientific High School, Humanities High School, Social Economical High School, Technical Secondary School.

The educational succes and the welfare of the students are its priorities with a great attention paid to personal integration, didactic individualization and citizenship awareness.

I.I.S “Montessori – da Vinci” has always been extremely involved in evironmental education and the defence of terriotorial charateristics proposing its students a wide range of didactic paths.

LowCarbon Economy Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in 2014 and located in La Vall d’Uixó, in the Valencian Community (Spain). The primary aim of the Foundation is to promote trainings, dissemination, demonstration, mentoring, financing, consultancy and comprehensive management in environment and sustainability areas based on a low carbon economy model.