The first transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ L&T’s River project was held on 26 November 2019 with the collaboration of Low Carbon Economy Foundation.

The official agenda of the event consisted of:

During the event, the partners were able to meet each other in person and discuss the most relevant topics of the project.

Below is a series of photos that were taken during the meeting:


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the second transnational meeting planned for April 2020 in Bologna had to be postponed and held virtually.

During the meeting, several important points of the project were discussed, such as dissemination, status and publication of the intellectual outputs, how to produce the interim report, how to carry out the planned teacher training activity and the dates of the multiplier events. Below is a screenshot of this meeting:


The third transnational meeting of the project was held in a mixed format due to the pandemic situation in the different countries. The partners felt that it was essential to hold this part of the meeting in person, because of the importance of continuing to build connections, but to make better use of time and to have a more efficient meeting. Unfortunately, not all partners could envisage attending.

The meeting took place in Alte, where the Escola Profissional Candido Guerreiro is located. IES Botánic Cavanilles, the VC Foundation for a Low Carbon Economy and one of the Italian partners, eco&eco, travelled there. For the reasons explained above, IIS Montessori-Da Vinci participated virtually.

It took place on 17 September 2021.

The activity was led by Escola Profissional de Alte.


The fourth transnational meeting was held virtually in order to be more efficient.

It took place on 14 March 2022.

The activity was led by: VC Foundation for a Low Carbon Economy.

During this meeting, the partners focused on reviewing the whole project, commenting on problems, evolution, impact on students, etc. An overall evaluation of the project was made, from the management point of view and the general impression of the partners. The indicators were reviewed and all the necessary documents for the final report were reviewed, revising the parts that are not yet in the hands of the project coordinator.

On the other hand, the topic of dissemination was discussed and how the schools will continue to use the activities described in IO1 and IO2, continuing the dissemination about the project in their social networks.

At the end of the meeting the project budget was reviewed, with all the changes made and it was ensured that all partners were aware of the data. Furthermore, it was requested that any aspect related to the financing of the project be reviewed and ensured that all payments are made before 31/03/2022.

After the meeting, the partners went online to work on the questions related to the final report, especially on the part of the participants.